Lanolin has a proven history of protecting metals under the harshest of marine environments, penetrating into existing rust and sealing out corrosion.

Ideal for use in heavy marine environments.


Corrosion is the single greatest threat to a vehicle. Lanolube lanolin-based products penetrate, protect and preserve vehicle bodies, undersides and electrics by providing the ultimate barrier film for exterior corrosion protection..

Oil & Gas

The annual cost of corrosion in the oil and gas production industry is huge. 

Lanolube’s range of product solutions prevent, preserve, lubricate and protect, helping to minimise corrosive action.


Lanolube products cling tenaciously to metal surfaces, halting moisture ingress and prevent corrosion. 

Our products inhibit flash rust and are used in harsh environments such as pulp mills, fertilizer plants and power plants. 

Lanolube is totally eco-friendly.


Corrosion impacts on the performance of all mining equipment. 

Lanolube products provide an atmospheric moisture barrier protection solution through nano microfilm surface coating technology, to prevent corrosion at the toughest levels, through nano microfilm surface coatings technology.



Switches must be kept in good condition in order to guarantee an adequate running of the train through
the switch. maintaining smooth switch performance is key to the safe and efficient operation of any rail system.